Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Canada lands on Iran's s-list

From Iran's ISNA agency:
Iran said Canada is involved in Zionist regime's war crimes since it has provided weapons for the regime.

Iranian mission in the recent meeting of the UN General Assembly Disarmament and International Security Committee said Canadian "baseless" allegation on Iranian peaceful nuclear drive carries misleading information on humane aspects of the country's nuclear work.

Canadian ambassador has claimed the process of 20-percent uranium enrichment by Iran is "illegal."

"Uranium enrichment to that level is completely legal and aims to supply fuel for Tehran research reactor which provides medical isotopes for over 1,000,000 patients suffering cancer," the Iranian mission said.

Iran also criticized deadly silence of Canada on Zionist regime's secret plan to develop nuclear weapons without any international inspection which is a "serious threat for regional and international peace."

"Canada is one of the major weapons providers for Zionist regime and is involved in its crimes against occupied Palestinian lands. Canada should be tried," the mission added.
A badge of honor!