Monday, October 03, 2011

The BDS theme song video!

This is very unintentionally hilarious:

It is hard to say what my favorite part is.

Is it where they thank the Marrickville Council  within the song for voting to boycott Israel?

Is it the part where one of them wants to emphasize that she is not against Israel's right to exist right after she sang that "Palestine" runs from the "desert to the sea?"

Is it where they decide that the best illustration of the Jewish claim to the area is a photo of a synagogue that is less than 40 years old?

Or is it their classic use of the Map that Lies?

Perhaps their line "As the world watches silently, my people become refugees"?

Each of this BDS trio has their own charms. The violin player who doesn't know where to look; the earnest guitarist whose voice would cause small animals to cry out in pain, or the center ringleader whose keffiyeh pretty much excludes two of those three great religions that they mention in the song.

(h/t Tim Blair via Ian)