Monday, October 17, 2011

Barghouti upset he is not being released (updated)

Palestine Today reports that Marwan Barghouti, the senior terrorist in Israeli jails, was surprised by the Shalit deal and says he was in the dark about the negotiations.

According to a source close to Barghouti, he said that Hamas was not in contact with him, nor with Ahmed Sadaat of the PFLP or even with other major Hamas terrorist leaders who are not part of the deal.

He said, "No one told us that we will not be freed, and certainly they did not get our consent in writing.. We knew about the deal from the media, and that contrary to Hamas pledges to free us throughout the discussions of the deal, we were very surprised about it."

UPDATE: A Hamas website says that Barghouti's lawyer is denying this story, sayingthat the prisoners were kept abreadt of all the details and were told of "Zionist intransigence" towards their release. He blames the article on Fatah. The source it uses is a Facebook group.

The newspaper also reports that Hamas' interior minister has banned the use of shooting weapons in the air in celebration of the scheduled arrival of hundreds of prisoners on Tuesday.

He said that such celebrations are against the law and Hamas will prosecute any lawbreakers.