Saturday, October 15, 2011

Attention BDSers: Remove your Microsoft anti-virus program!

From Ha'aretz, in an interview with outgoing Microsoft Israel executive Moshe Lichtman:

Another successful project conceived at Microsoft's Herzliya development center was the free antivirus program Microsoft Security Essentials.

"Two and a half years ago we decided we needed to offer a free security solution," Lichtman says. "At that time 60 percent of computers - 1.5 billion - were not protected by an antivirus program, and we wanted to change that. It was important to us that our antivirus program could be installed only on legal versions of our operating system. Within a year, that product, which was developed by fewer than 30 people, had 100 million downloads. It quickly became the No. 1 information security product. That is rare."
So as a service to people who want to boycott all Israeli products, if you are running Windows, look at the bottom right of your screen to see if there is an icon that looks like this:

If so, you had better uninstall that application immediately!

And since there are other innovations coming out of Microsoft Israel, you might want to get rid of Windows altogether.

Don't be a hypocrite - do it now!

And publicly tell everyone about it, with your email address, so that people worldwide can send you messages of congratulations, along with appropriate email attachments.