Friday, October 07, 2011

2 Arabs arrested for the double murder of the Palmers

From YNet:
Two Palestinians from Halhul were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion they murdered Asher Palmer and his infant son Yonatan near Kiryat Arba last month. The two were arrested following an investigation involving the police, the Shin Bet and the IDF.
Asher Palmer z"l

A gag order has been placed in the identities of the detainees and the details of the investigation.

During their interrogation, the suspects admitted to throwing the stone which caused the deaths of Asher and Yonatan. The stone was hurled from a driving car. Police are also looking into the possibility that the two are behind 17 other cases involving stones being hurled at Israeli vehicles.
Initially the police had described it as a tragic car accident.

The stone was large enough to shatter the windshield and break the steering column. To hurl that from a moving car can only be described as premeditated murder. Of course, the Palestinian Arab leadership condones stone throwing (and Molotov cocktails) as "non-violent resistance."

Indeed, no Palestinian Arab official has condemned the murders.