Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"We don't want you in Palestine" (poster)

Based on this article.

Yes, Palestinian Arab leaders have no desire to dismantle refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan or even in "Palestine" after they declare a state - and they specifically refuse to give citizenship to their own people in the camps!

The reason is because they want to continue to use their own people as pawns to pressure Israel even after they have a state. 

The goal of a "State of Palestine" has nothing - and I mean nothing - to do with helping a single Palestinian Arab who lives outside the borders of such a state, or those who are considered "refugees" by UNRWA within such a state. On the contrary - they will do everything they can to keep them miserable. No passports, no citizenship, no rights. 

In fact, the only state in the Middle East that grants full rights to Palestinian Arab refugees from 1948 is Israel. And that will remain true even if a Palestinian Arab state is declared.