Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes, the enemy of my enemy is just freaking crazy

From Al Arabiya:
The head of al-Qa’im district, in Iraq’s western province of al-Anbar, has confirmed that about 160 families have had their Iraqi citizenships revoked, citing their Syrian origin as the reason for the action, DPA reported on Sunday.

Farhan Aftikhan said that among the people who had their citizenship revoked were government employees and army and police personnel, all of whom had their nationality certificates, food-ration cards, and citizenships annulled by the Iraqi government.

He added that these families have been Iraqi citizens for years and hail from the tribes in Anbar province.

While the district’s chief official said the government did not cite a “real” reason for the cancellation of the citizenships, the affected families cited “sectarianism” and pointed out that other Iraqi families are classified as Iranian, Pakistani and Afghani citizens.

One former Iraqi citizen, who wished to remain anonymous, said when he went to Baghdad to renew his 61-year-old father’s citizenship, and during the process an officer with the rank of a lieutenant in the nationality department destroyed his father’s papers and revoked the entire family’s citizenship.

He added that he doesn’t own papers to prove that he is Syrian, and is now stateless.
In an unrelated but similar story:
Forces on both sides of the Libyan war have committed war crimes and the country risks descending into a bloody cycle of attacks and reprisals unless order can be established, human rights group Amnesty International said on Tuesday, as Muammar Qaddafi’s forces launched surprise attacks on three fronts.

Qaddafi’s actions against civilian protesters were a crime against humanity, while arbitrary detentions, torture of prisoners and widespread abductions were war crimes, the London-based charity said in a report.

Amnesty also criticized Libya’s opposition forces and said Qaddafi’s fall from power after 42 years had left a “security and institutional vacuum” that they exploited to carry out revenge killings and torture.
Arabs treat Arabs worse than dirt and no one gives a damn. The "good guys" are little better than the ones they replaced.

Arabs were never one people; they were always divided - whether it was into tribes or nations. And they've always killed each other.

But Arabs are unified on one topic and one topic only: hating Israel. That wouldn't change one tiny bit no matter what Israel does.  Anyone who claims otherwise is simply lying  (often to themselves.)