Friday, September 02, 2011

Quick survey of how media framed Palmer report in headlines

The Palmer Report was almost completely in line with Israel's own Turkel Report with one notable exception, that they felt that Israeli actions on the Mavi Marmara were "excessive." clearly its major point was that the blockade on Gaza is legal and that Israel has the legal right (actually, obligation) to maintain it. It also said the organizers were reckless and that the IDF faced significant, organised and violent resistance. In addition, it showed clearly that it was not a humanitarian mission.

Many newspapers, however, emphasized the relatively small part that was critical of Israel. And the identity of some of those is surprising.

  • The Independent: UN censures Israel for raid on flotilla that killed nine Turks
  • MSN News India: Israel used excessive force on flotilla: UN inquiry
  • Irish Times: UN says Gaza ship raid 'excessive'
  • The Telegraph: UN inquiry calls Israel flotilla raid 'excessive'
  • Washington Post: U.N. calls Israeli raid ‘unreasonable’
  • WSJ: U.N. Calls Israel Force on Flotilla 'Excessive'

Other news outlets had headlines that were either "evenhanded" or more accurate:

  • Radio Free Europe: UN Panel Faults Both Sides In Gaza Flotilla Clash
  • San Francisco Chronicle: Israel justified, hit in U.N. report on blockade
  • Boston Globe: Israel blockade of Gaza legal, UN review says; Force against Turkish flotilla called excessive
  • TVNZ (New Zealand): Israeli blockade deemed legal by UN

Most interestingly, RTE/Ireland originally had a headline that said "UN report says Gaza blockade was legal" but it then changed it to Israel used "excessive force" on Mavi Marmara.