Monday, September 19, 2011

Palestinian Arab rally for Syria FAIL

On Monday, there was a series of tweets from Joseph Dana, an anti-Zionist journalist who traveled to Ramallah to cover an important news story:

Demonstration in support of Syrian protesters about to start in Ramallah's Manara sqaure.

Protest in solidarity with the Syrian people slowly getting started in Ramallah

Palestinians are wearing shirts saying 'your blood (syrians) is our blood. You struggle is our struggle'

'Yalla, Leave Bashir' chants now in Ramallah

solidarity with syrian people rally is now marching through ramallah

More and more PA police are showing up. March has about 50 people but growing

Unfortunately, his breathless tweets of social action in Ramallah ended there.

So was there really a major demonstration against the murderous Assad regime? Did the rally grow into a major event? Did Palestinian Arabs actually show some selflessness and caring for people who are in worse shape than they are - for once?

I found a video of this giant rally that proves that Palestinian Arabs care deeply about other people besides themselves:


That's right - maybe a couple of dozen people, tops, showed up.

Compare this to, say, this rally put together by Islamic Jihad in October 2009 (a similar sized one was held last year):

If it was a Hamas rally, you could explain - they forced employees to go, they shut down schools, and so forth.

But this rally was for Islamic Jhad, a pure terrorist group with no political representation. And still they get tens of thousands to show up at any rally they set up.

I don't really expect the anti-Zionist left to make the observation that getting Palestinian Arabs to celebrate violence is much, much easier than getting them to condemn it. They will continue to cover non-events like what happened today and they will continue to ignore the massive support for terrorism that exists in the territories.

The sad fact is that the photo above represents far more Palestinian Arabs than the video taken on Monday. And there is nothing on the horizon that will change that.