Thursday, September 15, 2011

PalArab historical revisionism, philatelic edition

From AFP:
At the headquarters of the Palestinian postal service in the West Bank city of Ramallah, excitement is growing over the bid to see UN membership for a Palestinian state.

The post office has already inked a deal to begin extricating its delivery system from Israeli supervision, and is eagerly preparing for the reality that could emerge after the Palestinians go to the United Nations next week to seek full membership for their state.

... The new system might seem like a small step, but the postal service considers it enough of a revolution to be issuing a new logo with the words: "We emerge again."
Again? Was there an Arab-run Palestine post office in the past?

Of course not. The postal system in Palestine before 1948 was run by the British. Somehow, I don't think Arabs would have issued a stamp that looked like this, showing Rachel's Tomb:
AFP also writes:
The postal service is also planning to switch the currency marked on its stamps from the Jordanian dinar to the Palestinian pound, which existed before Israel's establishment in 1948, though it is no longer in circulation.
As CAMERA notes linking to an older post of mine, the Palestinian pound was also British currency with Hebrew and Arabic written on it:

By the way, while looking for stamps I came up with this beauty from Jordan n 1964: