Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Most Israeli Arabs are "proud to be Israeli"

The Israel Democracy Index survey 2011, released their results a few days ago. One question they asked was intriguing:  How proud are you to be an Israeli?

Among Jews, the vast majority - nearly 88% - said they were either "very proud" or "quite proud" to be Israeli.

But the Arab response was positive as well. 52.8% said they were proud, as opposed to 41.6% who said they were not.

Nearly 64% of Israeli Arabs said they were "certain" they wanted to live in Israel for the long term, with another 18% saying they want to but are not certain.

Not all the news is good, though. In response to the statement "It is never justified to use violence to achieve political ends" over half the Arabs (55%) strongly or somewhat disagreed.