Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Morning links

Arafat's dream: What happens after the UN accepts a Palestinian Arab state?

Latest anti-BDS rally in Australia

What a concept: Jews from Judea and Samaria discussing peace with their Arab neighbors!

Turkish opposition leader slams government's "fake enmity over Israel"

Germany expels Israeli academic from conference because he teaches in Ariel (update: he is reinstated)

A UNESCO designated Jewish heritage site is being destroyed in Lviv, Ukraine - and UNESCO says nothing

BDS fail? A Greek singer who is performing in Israel referred to it as a "fascist state" last month.

Egyptian government press is calling Jews the descendants of pigs and apes. But it is a cultural thing and must be protected.

The PA honors the terrorists who bombed the Sbarro's pizza shop

Israel: From underdog to pariah

Lubavitchers start a biker gang (more here)

(h/t Yoel, jzaik, Russell)