Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A lot of planning for "popular" rallies tomorrow in Ramallah

Ma'an reports on the planning for the rallies in support of a unilateral declaration of "Palestine" tomorrow in Ramallah.

It says that all government workers are being given off to attend the rallies.

The rallies will include concerts to attract more people.

Classes will be cancelled so students from grade 7 and up can attend, including those at Bir Zeit University.

Stages are already set up, complete with lots of flags, at Clock Tower Square.

Free buses are available.

So when you see the throngs of crowds in Ramallah tomorrow, you'll know that it would be an act of will for people to stay away, and that it does not reflect any serious popular support for the UN stunt. Not that the media will notice.

(I wonder if UNRWA is shutting down for this....)