Thursday, September 15, 2011

Israeli youth plan to storm Egyptian embassy - with love

Israeli youth have responded via Facebook to the mob that attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo - by calling for a demonstration of love and peace tomorrow outside the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv.

From the page:
It is very easy to rise up and be angry after the incident at the Israeli embassy in Egypt; it was a case of extreme violence that has no place and should be condemned. The Egyptian people, especially its younger generation, are in a period of identity crisis, after the coup. They are trying to find their place and vent their frustrations after many years of suffering. At the same time also here we have a generation that wants to live in a a fair and better world that opposes hatred and tyranny and that fights for the basic rights and a deep desire to live a better life in a better world ... It's time we stop hating based on money and religion. We all want a better world, and it will happen only if we do it together! Let's put out a call to the Egyptian people of peace and love, and tell them that we don't want to fight them or hate them. On the contrary, we want to live as good neighbors with love, and together make life in the Middle East and the world better.... Let's show them our real faces, and perhaps open their minds .. Friday, 12:30, show love and support peace at the Egyptian Embassy.
This initiative is being appreciated by many Egyptians, some of whom are writing messages of support on the Facebook page and on Twitter.

It was also written up in Al Masry al Youm. (A few of the talkbacks are a bit more cynical, thinking this is a Jewish ploy.)