Monday, September 19, 2011

Hamas paper publishes anti-UNRWA editorial

The Hamas mouthpiece Palestine Times published an article this weekend accuding UNRWA of "killing religion" by not spending more time teaching the Koran and for hiring teachers of Islam who are not as fanatic as Hamas would like.

The author complains that UNRWA's Islamic education is being treated with the same seriousness as gym and far less than math or science. The teachers, he claims, are not experts in Islam and they teach it like just another subject, in ways that would not give the youngsters an adequate desire to grow up and kill Jews (a paraphrase, but that is what he is saying.)

In a followup article the author says that some teachers were not happy with what he had written, and he calls on them to - as much as they can without getting fired - disregard the official UNRWA curriculum and instill Islamist concepts into the students.

Notice that no one is saying that UNRWA schools - bankrolled by secular Western nations - are not teaching Islam. They are. The complaint is that they aren't doing it to the exacting standards of Hamas, as a springboard into teaching more hate.