Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ha'aretz changes headline to make PLO sound less anti-semitic

Google's news cache shows a Ha'aretz headline that says

PLO Official: Palestinian state to be free of Jews

Even the URL of this link shows the headline:


But when you try to go to that link you get redirected to a new page, with a new headline, and even a new URL!

As we have shown, the first headline is completely accurate - and is consistent with statements that Areikat made last year. Even the Ha'aretz article itself - which does not appear to have been changed - makes that clear.

But Ha'aretz is so heavily invested in the false meme that the Palestinian Arab leadership wants to have peace with Israel that they couldn't stomach that original, accurate headline that showed that their idea of "peace" is the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from "Palestine."

A Ha'aretz editor decided to tone it down, so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of Ha'aretz readers who have come to expect a certain kind of news that conforms to a pre-existing viewpoint.

(h/t Reb Mordechai of Chelm)