Sunday, September 04, 2011

Egyptian ambassador admits terrorists coming from Gaza to Sinai

Palestine Today reports on statements made by the Egyptian ambassador to the PA, Yasser Osman, in Ramallah.

Osman confirms that Egypt is closing tunnels in Rafah, but not any of the tunnels that are used to smuggle goods into Gaza; rather only the tunnels that "harm the national security of Egypt and the Palestinians."

He said that Egypt plans to increase the number of people travelling through the Rafah crossing, but it has to wait for "the return of calm to the Sinai."

Which means that Egypt is publicly admitting that Gaza terrorists are infiltrating the Sinai and causing problems for Egypt as well as Israel.

While he didn't explicitly say that there was coordination with Hamas on the closing of tunnels, he said that "there is an understanding with the Gaza Strip on the border control and that includes the issue of tunnels."