Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Egypt foreign ministry: Don't say peace with Israel is "forever"

Al Masry al Youm says that there were some media reports quoting Egyptian ambassador to Israel, Yasser Reda, as saying that Egypt's diplomatic relationship with Israel is "eternal."

Egypt's Foreign Minister, Mohamed Kamel Amr, worked quickly to say that this is simply not true.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that "these expressions or descriptions are contrary from known diplomatic phrasing. There is no such things "eternal relations" between countries. In addition, it is impossible that a career diplomat and veteran ambassador such as Ambassador Yasser Reda, known for his patriotism and efficiency, would make such a statement."

Notice that the Foreign Ministry didn't say anything like "Of course, we want our relations with Israel to continue and to be strengthened." No, their reaction to the idea of a permanent peace with Israel is more akin to...horror.

Glad they cleared that up in such a diplomatic way.