Saturday, September 03, 2011

Amnesty seizes on Palmer's criticism of Israel, ignores rest of report

Amnesty International has come out with their comments on the Palmer Report. Curiously, they are only on video.
What is not surprising is:

  • They seize on the one relatively small part of the report critical of Israel and completely ignore the other parts of the report - including those critical of Turkey and the flotilla organizers.
  • They do not address, at all, the parts of the report that completely contradict Amnesty's own legal reasonings.
  • They continue to call the Turkel report a "whitewash" even though the Palmer report was much closer to the Turkel report in most important matters, and Turkel himself recommended that the testimony of soldiers be made public - the exact opposite of a "whitewash."
  • They never responded to Turkel's not Palmer's, extensive legal arguments.

Truth does not seem to be what Amnesty is interested in.