Monday, August 01, 2011

Up close and personal video of Tammuz missile taking out terrorists

From YNet:

After years of operational successes, the IDF revealed the "Tammuz" anti-tank missile for the first time on Monday.

The advanced weapon was developed and designed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., and is currently being used by the Artillery Corps in the Gaza Strip. It was previously used during the Second Lebanon War and in Operation Cast Lead.

The Tammuz is an electro-optical rocket capable of transmitting photos mid-flight, tracking the target and changing the flight accordingly, all with the help of wireless communication.

The missile had been fired in the past at dozens of targets and found to be very useful against terror units and armored facilities both during day and night, according to a senior Artillery Corps officer.
Here's a video of the missile in action.

The color video at the beginning shows the target and a distance shot of the terrorists getting, well, smoked. The cool part starts at 1:44 when you see the video from the POV of the missile itself homing in on the target, with a final shot of the terrorists looking up and thinking, "Oh, sh--"BOOM.

The caption and date says that it happened in Beit Lahiya on July 10, 2006. It is possible that this is the story about it and the terrorists were from the An Nasser Saladin Brigades; it says that two terrorists arrived in the hospital in pieces.

For those who are concerned that I am gloating over the death of terrorists, well, yeah, I am. Any weapon that Israel develops that increases the accuracy of targeting only terrorists and avoiding killing civilians is a reason to celebrate. And people who care about human rights should be happy, too.

(h/t T34)