Monday, August 01, 2011

UNIFIL quotes lies from Iran on its news crawl

On UNIFIL's webpage there is a news crawl of "UNIFIL in the News" where headlines from various news sources are displayed.

Here is one that was there this morning:

They are quoting Iran's Abna as saying that the IDF crossed the border with Lebanon.

Naharnet quotes the LAF as saying that the IDF crossed some 70 meters into Lebanese territory.

Voice of Lebanon is even quoted as saying that the IDF opened fire first.

However, the IDF did not cross the border and were fired upon for no reason  - and UNIFIL backs them up!

UNIFIL said Monday that Lebanese fire on IDF troops earlier in the day was uncalled for, and that the latter had not crossed into Lebanese territory, as the country's army had claimed. The facts did not stop the Lebanese president from rebuking Israel for "provocation", however.
Unfortunately, that same UNIFIL webpage has (as of this writing) not yet clarified that the IDF acted properly and that the LAF fired for no reason.

(h/t Dan)