Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Syrian defense minister fired, dies next day "of natural causes". Plus, new Syria photoshop? (updated)

From UPI:

Syrian President Bashar Assad swore in Gen. Dawood Rajiha as the country's defense minister Tuesday, the state news agency said.

The official Syrian Arab News Agency reports Assad received Rajiha, a Christian, as the new defense minister "and provided him with his directives."

The announcement followed reports that former Defense Minister Gen. Ali Habib was found dead in his home Tuesday. SANA noted only that Habib "has been ill for some time, and his health condition deteriorated recently."
Arabic media is quoting Syrian sources as claiming that he died a "natural death."

Well, it might be natural in Syria.

Meanwhile, the photo in Sana of the new defense minister being sworn in looks a lot like a photo that others thought was Photoshopped that Syria released a couple of weeks ago of the swearing on of the new governor of Hama.

The July photo:

Today's photo:

Does it look like they were in the room at the same time? Or that they were in that room at all? Maybe is Assad learned levitation, or now not to cast a shadow.

UPDATE: It seems that the reported-dead minister was on TV denying that he was sacked.