Friday, August 26, 2011

Report that Hamas is more serious about this truce. Rocket fired anyway.

From Palestine Press Agency:
Palestinian sources revealed on Friday instructions issued by the political echelon in the Hamas movement which controls the Gaza Strip to prevent other factions from firing rockets at Israel in response to the military escalation in the Gaza Strip.

The sources said that Hamas had given strict instructions to prevent any resistive elements from trying to launch rockets at Israel.

The sources noted that the forces of Hamas have begun to spread in the streets of the Gaza Strip, especially in the border areas, to prevent resistance fighters from firing rockets, saying that the orders issued by both the political and the military was to prevent rocket fire by force.

I did not see any reports of Hamas actively enforcing the Sunday night truce, which never really took effect.

This truce was announced for 1 AM. It held for about 14 hours, before a Grad was fired south of Ashkelon.