Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pure terrorism

Sometimes, one will see reports in the Israeli and Western media that large numbers of Palestinian Arabs are suffering from psychological issues due to Israeli actions. The point of these articles is to gain sympathy for innocents caught up in a war situation.

But when similar articles are published in the Arabic media, the intent is quite different.

Saraya.ps, the website of Islamic Jihad, has an article today quoting a magazine saying that hundreds of "Zionists" within rocket range are seeking psychological help due to the Grads and Qassams, including many parents seeking to help their children. The tone of the article is anything but concerned - it is celebratory.

This is not the first time that Arabic media publishes such information. The terrorists and their supporters crave the idea that their actions cause fear. They love to publish pictures of Israeli funerals, damage to Israeli vehicles and buildings, and Israelis running to rocket shelters.

The terrorists and their supporters are interested in terrorizing Israelis - the purest form of terror. Killing civilians something to be celebrated as well, of course, but what makes them feel powerful and relevant is that they have the ability to cause fear in hundreds of thousands of people.

That is the definition of terrorism.