Friday, August 19, 2011

PRC song: "Destroy the Jews"

The Popular Resistance Committees, the organization Israel says is behind yesterday's terror attacks, has a multimedia page on its website.

One of the song titles is "Dimroo al-Yehud" - which translates to "Destroy the Jews."

Tough to misinterpret that.

Here it is. It was apparently recorded by someone named Abu Ali; it has been linked to in various Muslim and Arab forums.

The PRC has not taken responsibility for the attack, but their statement about the assassination of their leaders says:
We bless the heroic operation that returned the fight to Palestine in splendor, the operation carried out by the Mujahideen heroes near the city of Eilat, where they inflicted on the criminal enemy dozens of dead and wounded in the quality operation {Allah threw horror in their hearts}.