Monday, August 08, 2011

Peace for peace

From Ma'an:
A Nablus thoroughfare was reopened by Israeli forces on Monday after 9-years closure, the Nablus governorate spokesman said.

The road to An-Naqura village, north of Nablus, was closed by Israeli forces in 2002.
Weird. I thought Israelis put up checkpoints just to make Arab lives miserable, and they only ease restrictions when there are embarrassing incidents like the 2010 flotilla.

Yet I don't recall any weekly demonstrations against this checkpoint. And still the Israelis, on their own, dismantled it just like they have dismantled hundreds of other checkpoints as terror decreased from PA-controlled territories.

One could almost start to believe that Israel puts up these checkpoints for security reasons, and when there is no reason for them anymore they take them down all on their own. Which means that if Palestinian Arabs want their lives to improve, all they have to do is act peacefully.

In other words, that when the PalArabs act peacefully, so does Israel.

Nah, that's crazy talk. Everyone knows that "resistance" is the only way to get what you want from the evil Zionists. This checkpoint was no doubt removed to enable Israeli "collaborators" to travel more easily, or to put up another checkpoint in a place that would cause more suffering, or as a propaganda effort to make Israel look good (even though the only place this is being reported is an Arab site.)