Sunday, August 28, 2011

The PA news agency scrubs a lie

From Ma'an on Friday:
Honduras has recognized the State of Palestine, the official Palestinian Authority news agency reported Friday.

The announcement came in a letter to President Mahmoud Abbas that Honduras recognized the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders and would back efforts to seek membership in the UN, WAFA reported.
The original WAFA announcement on Friday did say that Honduras recognized the mythical "1967 borders."

Here's the image of the autotranslated Arabic announcement:

However, the actual announcement from the Honduras did not mention any borders.

And WAFA has since removed that reference  from its website. Here's the scrubbed version, again from the Arabic - with the exact same timestamp of 18:53:

It is a little unusual that WAFA scrubbed its original announcement, which may indicate some displeasure from the Honduran government on that point. It is more interesting that they tried to hide the change, which is not something that any legitimate news agency should do.

(h/t George Hale for helping find the cached Arabic announcement.)