Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ooooh! A briefing book!

MJ Rosenberg on Twitter is all excited to have uncovered an AIPAC Briefing Book to the current members of Congress. It was discovered, apparently after much painstaking research, on AIPAC's own website.

Now, that's great journalism! Who would have thought to look there?

His acolytes are combing through it to find evidence that the evil Zionist Jews own Congress. A couple of hours later - they haven't found much, but they are "sick to their stomachs" anyway.

So, in about two minutes, I found the Americans for Peace Now briefing book to Congress. Yes, it looks like AIPAC is not the only lobby that writes these things! Who knew? This must be exposed!

Here are the highlights of APN's supposedly pro-Israel message to Congress, with each of the bullet points as little Stars of David:
Americans for Peace Now (APN) urges Congress to:

  • Reject legislative initiatives-letters, resolutions, etc.- that unhelpfully heap blame on only one side.
  • Demand expanded accountability regarding Israel’s expenditures on settlements, including reporting from the State Department on the amount of funds Israel is spending annually across the Green Line to support and expand Israeli residential development.
  • Reject efforts to add gratuitous new conditions, restrictions, and oversight requirements to Palestinian assistance.
  • Embrace a smart approach to U.S.-Syria relations, founded on a commitment to resolute engagement and diplomacy.
  • Support continued U.S. assistance to Lebanon.
  • Oppose Israeli settlement activities in East Jerusalem, support a negotiated solution on the future of Jerusalem, and refrain from statements or actions that could delay, harm or hinder such negotiations.
  • Reject efforts to force an immediate transfer of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.
  • Reject efforts to use the legitimate claims of Jewish refugees as a pretext for blocking an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.
  • Reject efforts to undermine or de-legitimize UNRWA.
  • Reject any efforts to further tie the Administration’s hands with respect to U.S. policy toward a future Palestinian power-sharing arrangement that may include Hamas.
  • Reject efforts to use this issue [two state solution] as a pretext for imposing additional conditions/sanctions on the Palestinians.
  • Recogniz[e] that the PA is engaged in a serious effort to fight incitement.
This is a lobby that expends most of its efforts on pushing issues that are identical to those desired by Israel's enemies.

Now, that's what I call pro-Israel!