Monday, August 22, 2011

The new Egypt wonders whether bikinis will be allowed on beaches

Al Masry al Youm reports that nervous Egyptian tourism officials met with members of the Muslim Brotherhood about their plans to encourage tourism should they gain power.

Specifically, they were asking their positions on allowing tourists to drink liquor or wear bikinis on the beach.

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary Dr. Saad Katatni dodged the question about liquor, but he stated that "Egypt is a religious country and wearing bikinis should not be allowed in the public beaches."

However, he said that "there could be an alternative to this kind of question, and perhaps one can wear bathing suits in private beaches."

The tourism officials replied that without wine and bathing suits, there would be no tourism altogether in Egypt.

A follow-up meeting is planned.

It is interesting that the tourism representatives are worried enough about a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt to initiate such a meeting to begin with.