Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Muslim shop-owner defends himself for selling Israeli dates (updated x2)

This video is great:

An obnoxious British Muslim woman berates a Muslim shop owner in London for selling Israeli dates (alongside Palestinian Arab dates) on Ramadan. He points out, reasonably, that he is offering a choice for his customers and that if no Muslim would buy them he would stop selling them, and if she cared so much about Palestine she should go there and fight. She then causes a scene, he calls the police, and she gets even more hysterical.

(h/t jzaik)

UPDATE: Commenter Right sends us the store details, for those who want to thank him:

Carlton Terrace
11-13 Green Street, Upton
London, E7

020 8470 3031

UPDATE 2: The owner caved.

(h/t Israellycool)