Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to simultaneously adhere to and breach a cease fire

On Sunday night, Palestinian Arab terror groups in Gaza agreed to stop shooting rockets at Israel and Israel agreed to stop retaliating.

Yet there have still been rockets fired, some four rockets last night.

It seems that even though Islamic Jihad, Hamas and even the PRC whose leaders Israel incinerated signed on, one group conveniently refused: the PFLP.

They are now taking sole credit for rocket fire.

So Hamas can claim that it is against rocket fire to make human rights groups happy, and wink at the rogue militants who are so zealous in their hate that they just can't stop themselves. And they know that Israel will be reluctant to respond to comparatively limited rockets if they don't hurt anyone directly, and merely cause a million people to fear going to sleep - which is, after all, what terrorism is.

I have seen no indication that Hamas is trying to stop the rocket fire, while in the past they had - when convenient - arrested members of militant groups who were firing rockets at Israel.

A win-win for Hamas.