Friday, August 19, 2011

Hezbollah releases statement praising terrorist attack

From Al Manar:
Hezbollah “greets the heroic operation carried out by fighters in the Palestinian region of Om Rashrash (Eilat), which resulted in scores of casualties among the Zionist enemy soldiers and settlers.”

In a statement issued Friday, Hezbollah “expressed pride for the hero fighters who accomplished the operation, regardless of the party they belong to,” while considering what they did as the sole means “through which the enemy can understand that this land is ours and it cannot occupy it forever.”

“This operation is in the framework of the resistant actions which achieve the Arab and Islamic will; the will that considers the whole of Palestine – from sea to river – as a sacred land which belongs to its real owners, and none of its parts can be relinquished to the usurped Zionist enemy,” the statement added.
Just in case you were unclear on how some Arabs define "occupation."

It's also interesting that Hezbollah - which has very few Palestinian members - considers all of Israel to be "theirs." Does this mean that Hezbollah subscribes to the idea of Greater Syria?