Monday, August 08, 2011

Egyptians planning anti-Islamist rally at Tahrir Square Friday

In response to the massive demonstration that the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations hijacked at Tahrir Square on July 29th, a coalition of Copts and Egyptian liberals plan to create their own demonstration this Friday in the symbolically-important square.

Al Arabiya reports that many national, liberal, Coptic and leftist social movements are planning an "Friday Civilian Egyptian" rally with the slogan "Together in love with Egypt, the revolution" on Friday. In a press conference today they stated that they intend to deliver a message directly to Egypt, that all Egyptians enjoy full citizenship without discrimination based on ethnic, sexual or religious grounds. They emphasize the civilian Egyptian state, where the rule of law applies to all and religion is not part of the political process, under the banner of unity.

They are planning an interesting gimmick: the world's largest Iftar in Tahrir Square to break that day's Ramadan fast. This is very smart, as it would blunt any Islamist criticism of the protest and it would get more people to come. Hey, free food, plus a chance to make history!

Friday may be a very important day in Egyptian history.