Friday, August 26, 2011

"Egyptians plan to destroy all Gaza tunnels"

From Palestine Press Agency:
Egyptian sources in El Arish report that in the coming days we will witness a huge Egyptian military campaign for the destruction of all smuggling tunnels in the border area with Gaza.

Major-General Mohamed Farid Khamis, Hejazi, commander of the Second Field Army, said during a meeting with sheikhs and tribal leaders in northern Sinai that the Egyptian armed forces have taken an irreversible decision to destroy all tunnels.

The move aims to prevent the infiltration of extremist groups through the tunnels to Sinai to carry out terrorist operations.
Egypt has been very concerned over Gaza groups' influence on fomenting terror in the Sinai. I have my doubts over what percentage of tunnels they will actually find and shut down, but even destroying 50% would have an impact.

The amount of goods and people that can cross through the official Rafah crossing is still quite small. Inevitably, this will affect the amount of goods available in Gaza, especially construction materials.

How will the Egyptian government spin this action in a way that doesn't make them look like Zionist stooges?

Will they demonize the Gaza terror groups and describe them as enemies of Egypt? Will Hamas react angrily and start insulting the "new" Egypt? Which side will Egyptian media support?

Things might get very interesting.