Monday, August 15, 2011

Egyptian kiddie TV: Mubarak infected Egyptians with Zionist cancer



Following are excerpts from a TV puppet show, featuring children as the prosecutors in a mock trial for Hosni Mubarak, portrayed by a puppet. The show aired on Al-Hekma TV on August 14, 2011.

Mubarak puppet: Brothers and sisters, I have spent my life serving this country. As I stand before you today, I tell you that I will not comply with these demands. I tell you... If anyone has a question, go ahead.

Children (in unison): There is no god but Allah, the martyr is loved by Allah.

There is no god but Allah, Hosni Mubarak is the enemy of Allah.

Child prosecutor: The trial has begun. We are now in session.

2nd child prosecutor: You fought against Islam and the Muslims.

Mubarak puppet: If we leave the Islamists to their own devices, they will reach power. Everybody will have to wear the niqab, and there will be anarchy.


Child prosecutor: You made the West affront the Prophet Muhammad – Denmark and other countries...

Child prosecutor: You are Israel's best friend. Israel was the country most saddened by your fall and your trial, because you were helping them to kill the Palestinians and to occupy their lands.

Mubarak puppet: As long as the Israelis occupy Palestine, we must treat them well. These Jews have always been good people. In the Jewish quarter here, we have always known that they keep their word.

2nd child prosecutor: You brought cancer upon the Egyptian people.

Mubarak puppet: Brothers and sisters, I have spent my life serving this country. My fellow citizens, the population is huge, and I didn't know how to feed them, so I brought cancerous pesticides from Israel for them. You've seen grapes the size of watermelons, watermelons the size of buffaloes, and buffaloes the size of chicks. There are 80 million people, praise the Lord. How is one to feed them?


Child prosecutor: You treated the vegetables and fruits with all kinds of hormones coming from Israel, in order to inflict the Egyptians with cancer, but God was lying in wait for you, and He gave you a taste of your own medicine, inflicting you with cancer.

Children in unison: Hosni Mubarak, you devil, you inflicted cancer upon your people.