Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Egyptian fatwa: Kill all Israelis in Egypt

From Palestine Today:

An Egyptian cleric issued a fatwa to kill any Israeli who resides within the Egyptian territory, in response to the killing of an officer and two soldiers from the army near the Egyptian border with Israel.

Dr. Salah Sultan, professor of Islamic law at Cairo University and Chairman of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars, told El Chorouk that Egyptians have the right to kill any Zionist attacking him, after Israel ended the Camp David accords by killing Egyptian army soldiers from a military aircraft yesterday.

The newspaper quoted Sultan during a protest outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo as saying that "the Egyptian people will not differentiate anymore between the Egyptian and Palestinian blood."
Do you think he is including the Israeli Arabs who have continued to vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh?

Because if not, then he should clarify his statement and say he only means Jews.