Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blogoversary open thread

I completely missed my seventh blogoversary on August 15th.

Some stats:

1.4 million page loads in the past year (1.1 million in 2011 already)
1 million unique visits in the past year
Nearly 3000 posts in the past year (!); approaching 12,000 total posts
Alexa rank at about 125,000 - about 50,000 higher than last year
Technorati ranking #7 in World Politics, #56 in Politics for all blogs worldwide

Most popular post: EoZ Posters for Apartheid Week, 17,000 hits

I have never been good at marketing myself, so the following numbers are all pretty much from word of mouth:

1866 RSS subscribers
478 e-mail subscribers
9721 Tweets
1445 Twitter followers
95th percentile in Twitter influence

In the past year I started putting in ads. Every time you see a post you like, consider clicking on the any ads you are interested in! It's like micropayments where you don't have to pay, and some ad clicks are worth up to a dollar.

So here's an open blogoversary thread!