Sunday, August 07, 2011

Arabs and leftists calling Tel Aviv protests "Sons of Dogs Revolution"

A hashtag that popped up on Twitter by anti-Israel tweeters shows their pure anti-semitism.

The tag is #ThawretWeladElKalb, which means "Sons of Dogs Revolution."

The reference of Jews as dogs is of course a popular motif in Arab history.

This hashtag is very active at the moment, with new tweets every few seconds. A very small minority are protesting the use of the hashtag, but it has been embraced by many tweeters - including  leftist cartoonist Carlos Latuff. Some are even making fun of the dissenters (one saying "Stop it - I like dogs!) or freely embracing the racism ("i love this racist hashtag #thawretweladelkalb :) )

If a racist hashtag was used by Zionists against Arabs, you can be certain that the leftists who pretend to be against all forms of racism would be the first to loudly protest against it. But with some exceptions, this one is being widely embraced and the people who use it are not in the least bit embarrassed to publicly espouse their anti-semitism.

(h/t Jonah)