Friday, August 12, 2011

Abu Sisi reveals Hamas uses mosques for military training

Yesterday, Yediot Aharonot revealed that Abu Sisi, the Gaza engineer who was kidnapped in the Ukraine, has revealed to investigators a treasure trove of facts about Hamas.

Some of the revelations:
The engineer told interrogators that following Operation Cast Lead Gaza, top Hamas terrorist Mohammed Deif and the group's military wing commander Ahmed Jabari found Hamas' operations to be lacking and decided to make Abu Sisi in charge of establishing the organization's new military academy.

"An analysis of the war with Israel was undertaken. It found that a large number of Hamas activists ran away from their positions. A failure occurred in decision-making coupled with an inability to use arms during the battle – because of fear," he said. "A program of study had to be created, in order to improve the situation."

The new academy was tasked with imparting combat methods and tactics to Hamas terrorists, Abu Sisi said. Hamas men were undertaking their studies at mosques, while passing their final exams in known Gaza universities or in mosques.

"The books and academic materials did not bear the Hamas name or logo," he said. Instructors include university lecturers, education ministry officials, merchants and others.

"I assisted Hamas in developing their missile capabilities, by identifying and handing over mathematical equations that improve the metal pipe's ability to withstand pressure and heat," he said. "I was present when a missile was test-fired at the sea in Khan Younis."
Someone should tell Goldstone that Hamas doesn't seem to distinguish between its military its "civilian" wings.

While the information published is very valuable, the impression that the IDF gave initially was that Abu Sisi was much more important than what we are seeing here. It is unclear whether there is a lot more, far more important information that has not been released. Even so, the characterization of him as being only involved with Gaza's electrical plant has been shown to be false.