Thursday, July 07, 2011

What happened to the Jordanian ship?

Since the Flotilla Flop started, we have not heard much from the Jordanian ship that was supposed to participate.

The Jordanian vessel was the most worrisome one, as it would have been filled with Arabs whose idea of "non-violent resistance" includes Molotov cocktails, iron bars and chains.

The "Jordan Lifeline" committee started off with high hopes. Its never completed webpage says that, in their original press conference in February, they hoped to get 200 participants, each paying some 4000 dinars ($5600)  for the privilege.

In April, they announced 140 participants.

On June 26th, they announced that they provided a 10% down payment on a boat in Greece, and was trying to get the Jordanian unions to pay for the other 90%. At that point they said they had 70 Arabs who would be on board, 35 of them Jordanian.

A later story seems to imply that the funds were found, but the source is far from reliable.

So what happened? Did they get the boat? (And would Jordanian trade unions really put out $800,000 from their own funds to purchase a boat that would, at best, be symbolic?)

Or is this just another of the many examples of flotilla fools talking big and failing even bigger?