Thursday, July 07, 2011

Video of French flytidiots being stopped from boarding plane in Paris

Here is a video taken on July 7 of anti-Israel activists in Paris being stopped from boarding planes to Tel Aviv.

They are shown holding a copy of the letter that Israel sent the airlines:

The text reads, in part:

Due to statements of pro-Palestinian radicals to arrive on commercial flights from abroad to disrupt the order and confront security forces at friction points, it was decided to refuse their entry in accordance with our authority according to the Law of Entry to Israel 1952.

Attached is a list of passengers that will be refused entry to Israel.

...In light of the above-mentioned, you are required not to board them on your flights to Israel.

Failure to comply with this directive would result in a delay on the flight and their return on the same flight.
For some reason, the airlines gave the activists the entire list.

The letter also states that the list might have more names added at any time.