Saturday, July 30, 2011

Samir Kuntar reportedly injured in explosion

From Ya Libnan:

An explosion caused by a bomb or grenade killed a person in the Dahiyeh suburb of southern Beirut, An-Nahar newspaper reported on Saturday .

Hezbollah immediately imposed a security cordon around the site of the explosion, which the paper said occurred in the tenth floor of a building in the Al-Nasr Complex of the area.

An-Nahar also reported that the security forces were unable to enter the site.

Update : The person that was killed was a Hezbollah member

update 2: Samir Kuntar, a terrorist released by Israel three years ago, was reportedly injured in a blast in one of the buildings.
Kuntar, of course, is one of the most loathsome terrorists in history.

It is a shame he isn't the one who got killed.

Notice that in a newspaper in the country where many consider Kuntar a hero, they have no problem calling him a terrorist without Reuters-style scare quotes.