Sunday, July 03, 2011

PINGO!: A Flotidiot Bingo/drinking game

Jake sent me this wonder variation of Bingo he created  that can be played by everyone!

It can be played like traditional Bingo. In this case, when you read an anti-Israel argument (for the purposes of this game, let's limit them to those published on the Web since June 15), highlight it here and hyperlink it to the URL. The first to get five in a row wins, as does the first to fill out the entire board.

Or it can be a drinking game - take a shot whenever a Flotidiot makes one of these arguments.

Either way, it looks like a fun summer!
You're using the anti-Semitism card to silence my legitimate criticism of the devious, Christ-killing Jewish financiers who run all the governments with their Israel lobbies!
The UN doesn't spend enough time criticising Israel... This is because the USA, which is run by Zionists, controls it!
Checkpoints are a violation of human rights! How would you feel if, say, you had to go through a metal detector before boarding a flight? Humiliated!
Hamas want peace. Their charter is just an outdated relic they don't really believe in. All those rockets are just really sophisticated fireworks celebrating the fact that they have such lovely Jewish neighbours.
Ilan Pappe is a serious, credible historian, whereas Benny Morris is just a racist. (Karsh? Who's Karsh?)
Sometimes I can't help but feel that the American Empire is the real threat to the world and Israel is just a distraction. Ahmedinejad talks a lot of sense.
Israel was created on the backs of imperialist settlers and violence. No other state was created through violence!
Jewish settlements are the real threat to peace. Imagine how Palestinians feel having to live next to Jews! If they get their own state, Jews should be forced to leave.
Israel are just like the Nazis. In fact they're worse! Except for the death toll, the lebensraum policy, the systematic genocide and the desire to control the world, Israel is essentially the Fourth Reich.
Boycotting Israel is a great idea! Let me just bin my computer, my camera phone, my Kindle, a great deal of my medicine, my solar panels and my cherry tomatoes, to name a few.
Israel purposefully targets civilians and schools. Totally nothing to do with Hamas using schools as launching pads.
The IDF want to decimate Gaza. It's amazing that an army as powerful and as eeevil as Israel hasn't done it yet...
Calling Israel an apartheid state is an insult to South African apartheid. (If you believe otherwise then the Israeli government must be paying you to say so.)
Secular? How can a secular democracy have a religious symbol on its flag?
Turkey is a secular democracy.
Zionists use outdated Biblical fantasies to justify Israel's existence, but Israel shouldn't exist because according to the Torah we have to wait for the Messiah!!! Nurny nur nur!
Arabs can't buy land in Israel. Forget the fact that most land is government-owned and leased out, and that Jews are also forbidden from buying land... let's just focus on the Arabs.
The Law of Return is racist. No other countries (apart from most European countries and a lot of other ones – most countries, in fact) use the racist jus sanguinis policy.
Jews are a race when we're calling them racial supremacists. They're a nation when we're highlighting how they're different to us. But they're not distinctive at all when they start claiming the right to a country of their own.
Real Jews oppose Israel. Real Jews, like Chomsky, don't think Holocaust denial is wrong at all. In fact, real Jews stand up for Holocaust deniers. Real Jews... real Jews... real Jews... real Jews...
The Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust. Not one Palestinian supported Hitler... Nope, still can't think of any. You're just exploiting the Holocaust.
How dare you suggest the Palestinians could go to other Arab countries! They deserve one of their own.
Couldn't the persecuted Jews just have gone to New York/Europe instead of Palestine?
Hamas has legitimacy because they were democratically elected. All Israeli governments, however, have no legitimacy at all. How dare you even compare the Palestinian democracy with Israel's military dictatorship?!
I happen to think that Arabs are incapable of knowing freedom, therefore Israel is just an insult to them and should be destroyed.
The Arab Spring will inevitably spread to Israel, destroying it.