Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Palestinian Arabs who like to keep their people in misery

Ma'an publishes an op-ed by Maath Musleh, "a Palestinian from Jerusalem and an activist in the Palestinian youth movement."

It is the usual drivel where he claims that the anti-Israel anarchists are the only real Jews, and he tries to fend off criticism within Palestinian Arab society that cooperating with these Jews is a form of normalization (which is, by their definition, a horrid crime.)
We have to be open about the subject now more than ever. We have to set the standards for our co-resistance. Yes we do co-operate with the Jewish citizens of the State of Israel. But the standards of this co-operation are clear. We work together with every Israeli that opposes Zionism and fully recognizes the Palestinian rights, freedom, equality, and the right of the return.

...As Zionism is also the enemy of the Jews, those Israelis have the right to resist it. Those activists are not only there for solidarity. It’s also their war. The Palestinians who try to portray the co-resistance as normalization have to first go down to the front line and resist. We have nothing to hide. Our work of co-resistance is under the sun. It’s not underground. And we oppose co-operating with the leftist Zionists who take part in demonstrations or call themselves peace activists.

This is not such an unusual viewpoint in the PalArab world, but it is one that gets hushed up in the Western media because they want to portray all non-Islamist Palestinian Arabs as being peace-loving and willing to compromise. As this essay shows, that is far from the truth. This extremist is not writing this piece to justify his position as going too far  - it is to defend his position from people who are even less tolerant than he is!

I commented:

So, to be clear, you don't want to live in peace with Israel, but you want it destroyed.

And until then, you want to keep Palestinian Arabs in a stateless limbo, where hundreds of thousands will stay in camps and without the simple human right of becoming citizens in the countries they were born in and will die in.

Since Israel is not going anywhere, you would prefer to keep your fellow Palestinians in misery - forever.

Wow, you must really love your people!