Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pakistanis killing each other in Karachi - so minister blames Israel

The background:
A wave of deadly political and ethnic violence gripped Pakistan’s largest city for the fourth straight day Friday, and police and paramilitary troops were given orders to shoot suspected assailants on sight.

As many as 95 people have been killed in Karachi since Tuesday in assassinations, shooting rampages on buses and arson attacks, according to law enforcement authorities, who were widely faulted for doing little to stop the carnage. The fighting spread from one multi­ethnic, lower-middle-class district to other parts of the seaside metropolis, and by Friday the city was under near-lockdown as armed men fired from windows and rooftops.
So, naturally, this must all be Israel's fault!
Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said Israel-made weapons have been recovered from trouble-makers in the city which shows that some external hands were involved in the unrest.

“Weapons are being brought to Karachi from abroad,” he said, adding: “Not only weapons even target killers also were coming from outside.” He said steps are being taken to tackle the situation but did not elaborate.

“Over 200 persons have been arrested and Israel-made weapons, including AK-45s, have been recovered from them. This proves that a foreign hand is behind the unrest in Karachi,” he told newsmen here
Some Pakistani editorials ran with this:
Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s disclosure about the use of Israel-made weapons in Karachi that has for long been in the grip of murderous attacks by rival criminal groups might have surprised those who are unaware of the machinations of the Zionists, but to the informed it was no news. They have always believed, not merely suspected, that not only Israel, but also a wider nexus that brings India and the US into the fold, has been at work stirring up trouble in Pakistan as well as, particularly, other Muslim lands, which could serve their strategic designs of the dominance of certain regions of the world to enable them to appropriate their resources for exploitation. In the case of Pakistan, where war-like situation exists, thanks to the invaders of Afghanistan, the nexus has been active not only in Karachi, but also in Balochistan and elsewhere. The links of the attackers on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore can be traced back to Zionists.
Others are dismissive:
WAS the goal to grab headlines? Or simply to shift responsibility? It was the classic Pakistani conspiracy theory of blaming those mysterious `foreign hands`, but coming from a senior government official in charge of domestic security, Interior Minister Rehman Malik`s statement on Sunday only trivialised the horror Karachi has been through over the last two weeks. Israeli weapons have been found in the port city, Mr Rehman claimed, suggesting that this meant a foreign element was behind Karachi`s unrest. Without more direct linkages between the city`s violence and external powers, this claim defies logic.
If Israel didn't exist, who could the Muslims blame for all their problems?