Sunday, July 03, 2011

Newest Free Gaza publicity stunt

As the flotilla gets shakier by the day, the Free Gaza/ISM  and sister movements are planning a new stunt: having activists fly to Israel and protest at Ben Gurion Airport.

Here's a video of Paul Larudee, from Free Gaza, describing the plan:

I particularly like what he says around the 4 minute mark.

While he wants the trip to be taken by the usual D-list celebrities and token self-hating Jews, he particularly wants Palestinian Arabs who can trace their families to within the Green Line, and who now live in the West, to participate in this "return" - but he warns that only people who really don't want to return should join, because Israel is likely to ban them from future trips.

Apparently, the action is planned for this coming Friday.

While a couple of prominent activists say they will go, I'm certain that the number will be much smaller than the hundreds they are pretending will go. And almost certainly the number of Palestinian Arabs who now have citizenship in Western countries that go will be minuscule.

Last year, Free Gaza announced an initiative of flying to Gaza with a private plane. That intended stunt went exactly nowhere. Chances are, so will this one, and a few dozen people will have wasted hundred of dollars apiece on - nothing.

(h/t Israel Matzav, Daled Amos and others)