Thursday, July 14, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood warns of more Zionists in Tahrir Square

From Al Masry al Youm:

The Muslim Brotherhood’s official news outlet, Ikhwan Online, is reporting that “the remnants of the dissolved National Democratic Party, the state security apparatus and their Zionist allies” are trying to destabilize Egypt by infiltrating an ongoing sit-in protest in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The website reported on 11 July that at the 8 July protest, protesters in Tahrir Square caught three “thugs” carrying knives and foreign currencies. According to the website, the three men had a tattoo of the Star of David, a Jewish symbol, which also appears on the Israeli flag. Tattoos are forbidden under Jewish law.

"The remnants of the dissolved National Democratic Party, the State Security apparatus and their Zionist allies still attempt to use thugs and spies to suppress the revolt of the Egyptian people that have damaged the interests of the beneficiaries of the ousted regime in Egypt, and tipped the balance in the Middle East,” the Brotherhood outlet said.

While the Brotherhood lent its official support to the 8 July protest that started the sit-in, they decided not to participate in continuing protests.

According to Ikhwan Online, bombs and tear gas marked with the Star of David were also allegedly found in possession of a satellite television reporter who was inciting protesters against the police and encouraging demonstrators to storm the Ministry of Interior.

The website’s investigation of these incidents raised questions about the supposed coincidences.

Major General Hamdy Bakhit, a military expert, told Ikhwan Online that it is not unlikely there will be cooperation between the remnants of Mubarak's regime and Egypt’s enemies abroad after revolutionaries raised questions about Egypt’s controversial natural gas export deal with Israel.

"The Western countries, including the United States and Israel, want to derail the revolution because Arab revolutions limit Western influence in the region, thwart attempts to control the Middle East and deplete its resources," Ikhwan Online quoted Major General Mohammed Abdul Lateef Tolba, a security expert, as saying.

Tolba told the website that Tahrir Square, where demonstrations are entering their sixth day, is full of spies from different nationalities, led by the Zionists, the first enemy of the Arabs and Egyptians.
So whats the difference between a corrupt regime that associates everything they don't like with Zionists and a corrupt, crazy political party that associates everything they don't like with Zionists?