Monday, July 18, 2011

Morning links (updated)

Does the anti-boycott law harm free speech?

500 Arabs studying in Ariel University, insist there is no racism there.

Benny Morris effectively responds to Efraim Karsh's latest criticisms of him.

CNN looks at what might be a Jewish city from King David's time.

Spain's former PM: "The unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state, and its international recognition, would be a huge mistake."

A Norwegian historian says in an interviews that Americans and Jews have a "demonic restlessness which once drove the Europeans...It is the Jews who pick up the crusader’s sword and point it towards the east." The reporter doesn't challenge him.

Anti-Israel MK Zoabi is banned from Knesset debates because of her participation on the floptilla. (Correction: Mostly because of her kicking a member of Knesset security.)

(h/t Zach N., sophie, Kramerica)