Friday, July 08, 2011

List of accomplishments of flotilla/flytilla drones this week

Here is a list of everything that anti-Israel activists managed to accomplish this week:

  • Cause the already cash-strapped Greek government to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on coast guard and security
  • Lose their cement
  • Start a riot at a French airport
  • Whine about every obstacle stopping them from doing illegal activities
  • Upset airlines who lose money for every empty seat
  • A hunger strike that accomplished nothing
  • Tick off passengers trying to travel
  • Turn sympathetic Dutch reporters against them
  • Insult Greek authorities, airlines, airports, European and American leaders
  • Continuously lie to the media, pretending that the very media attention they are getting is a victory
  • Get every major Western nation to publicly side with Israel
  • Fail to help a single Palestinian Arab in any way
All in all, they accomplished about the same amount they did last week and the week before.