Friday, July 08, 2011

Idiots in the Twittersphere

Over in the twittersphere, the Israel haters are fun to watch. One will tweet something and then an entire army of drones will mindlessly retweet it without thinking. One great example from Thursday night:

@YousefMunayyer Years ago, a student from #Gaza told an American audience "If you can not visit me in my home, you too are occupied" #airflotilla #palspring

Doesn't that sound profound? 

I guess this means that if I cannot visit a friend who lives in Mecca due to the fact that I am Jewish, or I cannot visit Jordan overnight because I would be barred from bringing along a pair of tefillin, then I am occupied too!

By the absurd logic of this tweet, the entire world is occupied because there happen to always be restrictions on where people can go.

Yet this drivel gets retweeted ad nauseum by idiot moonbats who think that this sounds so, like, true, man. It was retweeted 79 times!